Prof. Dr. Klodiana Gorica, Tirana, Albania

KLODIANA GORICA is a Full Professor in University of Tirana, Faculty of Economy Albania Also, she is:

  • National Contact Point for Albania in European Institute of Innovation and Technology EIT;
  • Coordinator of BLUEWBC project for University of Tirana (Sustainable Development of BLUE Economies through higher education and innovation in Western Balkan Countries (
  • Freelancer in tourism (marketing, strategies and politics for a sustainable tourism) and entrepreneurial marketing working with UNWTO, UNDP, World Bank, PAPRAC, WTO, WTTC, GSTC, GRSME, etc;

For decades has been involved in international initiatives, forums and projects, not only as expert but serving as guest speaker, creating networks for Balkan and European Sustainable Tourism, monitoring, creating and managing round tables and forums; member in editorial board/research committee/keynote speaker in international journals and conferences, and international experiences in training and teaching since 1997 in universities abroad.

Author and coauthor in different scientific books and research articles international scientific conferences and journals, monographs published from Springer and IEDC, Slovenia; Springer, Germany and Switzerland; Research activities abroad in international universities in countries like: UK, USA, Belgium, Portugal, Norvey, Slovenia, Italy, France, Israel, Portugal, Croatia, Austria, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, Turkey, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Rumania, etc.

Her main fields of interest: Marketing, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Sustainable Tourism Management, Tourism Marketing, Higher Education.

Prof. GORICA was nominated to the Hall of Tourism Heroes by the World Tourism Network

Prof. Dr. Klodiana Gorica & Blendi KLOSI, Minister of Tourism and Environment for Albania

Blendi KLOSI, Minister of Tourism and Environment for Albania

Enver MEHMETI, President of Albanian Tourism Association (ATA)

Danica PURG Dean and President of CEEMAN and Bled School of Management, Slovenia

Minister Blendi KLOSI stated:

1. She has been, for decades, a crucial person dedicated to the promotion of Western Balkan Countries and especially Albania as a unique destination in Europe and further;

2. She has worked a lot in creating the best politics and strategies for achieving sustainability tourism in Balkan Region;

3. Due to her initiative and wide international network in the Balkan Region, but not only, in 2017 (30th Year of Sustainable Tourism), in collaboration with UNWTO and Ministry of Tourism in Albania, she well organized the first International Conference on “Building public-private partnership for Sustainable Development through Tourism”, a very important scientific event, where the most important stakeholders were presenting critical and crucial moments for a sustainable tourism in Albania and Balkan Region.

Prof. Danica Purg, President of IEDC-Bled School of Management, CEEMAN

Dr. Klodiana Gorica is a very dedicated professor and lecturer who has committed her career to bring new know-how and knowledge to Albania, which in turn can support the development of the Albanian economy, and especially tourism, her field of expertise. Dr. Gorica has dedicated her career to researching sustainable tourism, a phenomenon that poses a challenge for entire Albania and the wider region. She has also many skills and personal traits that distinguish her: she is visionary, hard-working, has professional integrity and passion for her country. For the above reasons, I am nominating Dr. Klodiana Gorica to be a tourism hero at World Tourism Network