The Anonymous Tourism Hero

Tourism is composed of thousands of people who unselfishly create bonds between individuals, cultures and nations.

These tourism stars are the industry’s unsung heroes who bring light to a world swamped in darkness.

The World Tourism Network seeks to bring these tourism heroes to light.

Tourism is more than a mere industry, it is a the combination of the pragmatic with the spiritual, the interaction of souls with this world reality.

Tourism heroes are those who unite the ethical with the practical, and blending our humanity with the world of travel.

Tourism heroes represent the best in all of us and learning about each one is a journey into the depth of creativity and caring.

The award was enspired by WTN Hero Marikar Donato who said at the WTN Heroes celebration for World Tourism Day 2021.

” The real heroes in my heart without jobs for 18 months and survived.
However invisible they are – they are among us, but they may not have voice. I want them to listen to us, come forward, so we can applaudthem for surving and continuing to survive, and be part of our great industry. World Tourism Day 2021 was about inclusivity, and this group must be included.”

“We all need to reset and find the light behind the darkness.”