Manuel Flores, Mexico City, Mexico

Manuel Flores is the Chief of the Mexico City Tourism Police and created the department.He is now working on establishing a national Tourism Police Department.

Manuel created a sense of tourism security for the city of Acapulco and then moved onto Mexico City where he has influenced not only the city’s mayor but also has become an important personage on the national scene.

Working with Dr. Peter Tarlow Mexico’s current president and the government now take tourism security very seriously and it is hoped that a national tourism security unit will soon be launched. The driving force for the great improvement in tourism security is Manuel Eduardo Flores.

Manuel Flores is a renowned Mexican expert in issues of policing, criminal activities, and tourism security.  He is from Acapulco, Mexico.  Flores specializes in the impact of crime in the tourism industry, on event management and tourism risks.  From 2007 until 2018 Flore serves as a member of the Mexican federal police.  He is a graduate of the police academy in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. At the academy he specialized in government and public safety. Flores is also certified in management and tourism security.

While in Acapulco, Flores created that city’s Tourist Police model, a model that has been in other Latin American tourism destination

Flores has also been active on the national (Mexican) scene, working as an advisor to the Mexican government including its national senate. As such he was the head security coordinator of for major events occurring in Acapulco during the years 2016-2018. In 2018 he created Acapulco’s first ever tourism security conference.

Flores has also worked on specific security projects such as finding ways to reduce the stealing of fuel by implementing innovative controls. In 2014 the governor of the state of Mexican state of Guerrero appointed him to lead and revise the Acapulco Tourism Police.  He not only designed this new force but lead it until 2018.

In order to stay current Flores currently is pursuing a Masters degree, with a specialization in addiction control.  This degree will complement his studies and work experience in criminology, police intelligence gathering, communication, and tourism security.