Michael Nahon, Paris, France

Michel Nahon is the Associate Director of Voyage Solidaire par Velvet Globe.

Voyage Solidaire is an association created in 2010 as a group or laboratory of ideas between professionals of International Tourism, intended to develop reflections on new possible connections between new forms of travel and philanthropy

Since January 2019, a new project was launched with the creation of a collaborative portal between THE SO-LEADER VOYAGES PRODUCERS COOPERATIVE, offering short-circuit travel offers on their destination.

The share traditionally reserved for distribution costs will be a source of funding for charities, foundations, and NGOs selected by our clients as well as for local initiatives supported by our partners. Several receptive agencies, mainly located in Continental Africa, the Indian Ocean, Asia, and Latin America, Israel, the Dominican Republic and Russia have already validated their participation in this cooperative composed to date of 10 DMC offering 56 destinations.

To complete the range of our travel offerings, we are still looking for new partnerships on unfilled destinations.

For the record, we select only one co-operator per destination… The project was completed in the fall of 2019 with the creation of a company to support the project.

We are funding and working on the implementation of the back-to-front platform and the future launch of the site to offer a new fundraising opportunity combining tourism and sustainable development.

This Collaborative Platform offers all kinds of trips to destinations managed by receptive partners (all of whom are without exception co-shareholders of the cooperative). Each client, individual, group, MICE, will be able to make the trip he wants, give a complementary meaning and finance a charity of his choice (on the country of destination, in the country of residence, or in a third country).

Contributing financially to charities (cultural action areas, Education – Childhood, Environment, Health-Malnutrition and Social (Human Rights, LBGT, etc.) not only allows tourism to be involved in local development but the sums paid by the client are made transparent by a split payment system: the amount collected by the NGO or the charity being determined and paid directly to them.

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