Yanina Gavrilova, Kyiv, Ukraine

Yanina Gavrilova is the Head of the Board of the Civic Union “Ukrainian Tourist Guides Association” since the beginning (2016).

Now the “Ukrainian Tourist Guides Association” is the leading trade union in Ukraine. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the “Ukrainian Tourist Guides Association” has n increased its membership.

Yanina Gavrilova: 
– Trainer of tourism disciplines and methods of adult education, coach of DVV-International. 
– Member of the expert group of the State Agency for Tourism Development of Ukraine (DART). 
– Representative in Ukraine of the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations and the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations.  

For the last five years Yanina Gavrilova has developed methodical manuals: 
– on a technique of the organization of Tourist information centers, 
– on the preparation of tourist guides on a technique of interpretation of natural, cultural, and historical heritage.  

Yanina Gavrilova is the author of distance training courses for information specialists, managers, and representatives of the United Territorial Communities in the field of tourism development and local tourist destinations “Successful startup in tourism”, course training of tourist guides – “Organization and conduct of gastronomic tours”.

Additional expert activity:
2014-2021 Yanina Gavrilova took part in the work of organizing committees for more than 50 seminars and consultations, workshops, conferences, and forums for info-specialists, tourist guides, and managers: 
– 2021 Project USAID ERA Ukraine, The Sea of Azov Tourist Information Center Consultant;
– conducted training for specialists of TIC in Kyiv in 2016-2018;
– participated as the keynote speaker at the First Conference of TIC Representatives in 2016 in Lviv; 
– 2019-2020 conducted a series of consultations for managers of TICs in Dnipro, Chernihiv, Kherson;
– in 2021 held a consultation for tourism professionals on the establishment of TIC in Olevsk;
– 2012-2013 Expert of the EU project “Diversification and support of tourism in Crimea”;
– 2010-2012 Expert on the work of tourist information centers in the project Chemonics International Inc, USAID / LINK;
– 2012. Developed and conducted internships for Ukrainian TIC specialists in Estonia and Sweden.

In the nomination received this feedback was included: Yanina is an amazing person who devotes all her strength and all her energy to the development of tourism. https://en.uaguides.com