Prof. Dr. Snežana Štetić, Serbia

Dr Snežana Štetić is working in Tourism 40+ years and in education for Tourism 40 years all together. She finished her MSc in Marketing in tourism at University of Belgrade and also her PhD in economics, tourism and hotel management. From 1981 – 1985 Specializations at: LSE- London school of Economics; University of Surrey and London University-department of Geography. Dr Štetić was full professor at the Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management, University of Novi Sadand professor at College of Tourism in Belgrade.  Professor Štetić was teaching also in some other European countries.

Dr Štetić is highly regarded for her pioneering work in tourism impact and development research. Published 35 books in fields of Tourism, more than hundred articles, over 40 tourism projects. Dr Štetić main field of scientific interest and research are Tourism, Natural resource management and Sustainable tourism, Spatial development of tourism, regional tourism development, development of specific forms of tourism (river cruising, nautical tourism, spa tourism, rural tourism, MICE industry, event management.); Management of Tourist destinations, Crises and Tourism, Post Conflict Reconstruction, Sociological aspects in tourist behaviour.

As a recognized expert in tourism, in addition to teaching in Serbia she is (was) a visiting professor in many European countries. Engaged as mentor for a number of thesis studies, specialist, MSc level, and PhD level. She is the author of numerous articles books and books chapters.


  • University professor and International Tourism consultant,
  • Member of the National Council for Recovery and Development of Tourism of the Republic of Serbia
  • Member of World Tourism network, Education & Training
  • Tourism and Hotel management
  • Author of specialized seminars in rural development, rural tourism, education of local communities for development of tourism
  • Organizer, administrator and instructor at Courses for Tour guides: General and local courses
  • Lecturer at numerous seminars for foreign Tour operator representatives (home and abroad)
  • CEO of Balkan Network of Tourism Experts,
  • European Economic Chamber EEIG – Chairperson of Commission (A-21) “Tourism, Business Exchange and Training” in Serbia, Brussels
  • Tourism Writer and Journalist, member of FIJET
  • Founder, cofounder, board member or president of several Associations: Tourismologist Association of Serbia; Group for Rural tourism of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce; Tourist Guide Association of Serbia; AEERT (Association of Experts for the development of eco and rural tourism in the Balkans),Group for Rural tourism of the SCC,
  • Alpha
  • Honorary member of the Association of Serbian tourist guides
  • Certified Tourist Guide of Serbia
  • Reviewer of the accreditation commission for higher education of Serbia
  • Reviewer of the Accreditation Commission for Secondary Education of Serbia
  • Member of Editorial Boards of international magazines.
  • She is a member of WTN and the founder of the Interest Interest Group for Education & Training.

Balkan Network of Tourism Experts

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