Dov Kalmann, Israel

During the first chapter of the Covid-19 pandemic when the global tourism industry was at a full standstill, Dov renamed his marketing & PR company to “Terranova Tourism Marketing & Consultancy”, true to his belief that tourism will and must change with a much more sustainable and meaningful set of values.

His company functions as the Voice in Israel for many National Tourism Organisations, Hotel Chains and Airlines that have a keen desire to create brand awareness and sales in Israel.

During the last year, Terranova has tripled its number of global clients – a sign of light and optimism proving that there is no contradiction between increase of revenues and values related to responsible tourism.

One of Terranova’s clients, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), has already seen the fruits during Covid of the 2 decades of Dov’s company being the Marketing Representative of TAT in Israel: during Q3 in 2021, Israel is #2 in absolute numbers of international arrivals to Thailand, with higher numbers than much larger global source markets as per population.

Dov attended the first meeting in March 2020 in Berlin and shaped this discussion and organization.

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