Aleksandra Gardasevic Slavuljica, MBA, Podgorcia, Montenegro

Alexandra Gardasecvic works under very difficult conditions.

First of all, Montenegro and the Balkan region are hardly hit with corona and this fact dominates all other circumstances. Also, the region is very effected by political turbulence, elections, protests, etc.

All these mean that it is very hard to promote rebuilding tourism when local authorities act like they do everything opposite from rebuilding it. Aleksandra publicly raised her voice against the fact that politics is dominant over economy and tourism development, which is the main pillar of growth.

Her motto is that only a healthy nation can responsibly take care of tourists so all the institution now taking care of it in a responsible way, should be changed ith responsible bodies that both, locals and tourists with trust.

No politics in tourism is allowed and only sincere communication strategy is a winning solution for returning trust in the domestic market and tourism. She is trying hard to implement the strategy of Montenegro as Corona Responsible destination.

Hopefully, people from the Balkan region will soon understand how important the status of the Safer destination is. Not safe, but safer and resilient.

Aleksandra had been an active part of all discussion regardless of the day or night time for her, when attending calls.

She has constructively taken ownership of issues and was appointed as the president for Balkan region. Aleksandra is also the Hon. Consul for the Republic of Seychelles in Montenegro.

An emerging leader of the tourism industry, worth recognizing .