Eng Dr. Walter Mzembi, Zimbabwe

Former Foreign Minister and Minister of Tourism for Zimbabwe, Eng. Walter Mzembi: Dr. Mzembi’s story is of one who has refused to succumb to adversity both political and in health scare. He continues to serve the tourism sector with distinction.

He accepted to steer the sensitive Safety, Security, Crisis and Disaster Management Committee of the African Tourism Board at the most critical time when COVID -19 was wreaking havoc across the globe.

At a time when it was risky to take a position on Africa, in several global engagements Dr. Walter Mzembi, ever the leader and risk-taker declared his Continent ” safer ” for tourism relative to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic to other parts of the globe .

He has characteristically reinforced this message with evidence-based research on other more fatal diseases wrecking Africa but has not been attended to, and in fact situated Africa as a Continent with many beautiful stories to tell, but weighed down by its geographical scale and brand fragmentation.

Africa has 55 countries, 55 brands but consumed as one destination by international source markets .

Mzembi’s solution: Story it, Brand it, Sell it as the Brand Africa prescription to its myriad of challenges was certainly the reason for his success with Zimbabwean Tourism for the decade he was Minister (2009-2017),

It was Dr. Mzembi’s success with his two terms as the UNWTO Commission for Africa Chairperson. apart from his other personal and country accolades for Zimbabwe is best remembered for his distinguished run for the office of Secretary-General of the UNWTO in 2017.

He lost to the incumbent by a decent two-country margin.

Dr. Mzembi has certainly not allowed setbacks in his political life to dim his passion for the Tourism Sector but has turned adversity into opportunity and for that he deserves his seat amongst other Tourism Heroes.

Dr. Mzembi is respected by tourism leaders around the globe.