Fedor Shandor, Zakarpattia, Ukraine

Mr. Shandor was nominated by WTN Tourism Hero Ivan Liptuga, a founding member of the WTN scream for Ukraine campaign ( www.scream.travel )

Fedor Shandor is a member of the National Tourism Organization of Ukraine (NTO), a Professor of Uzhhorod National University. Fedor Sandor gives a lecture on tourism to his students during the breaks between combat duty. Now the professor is serving in eastern Ukraine. He is an expert in wine and the history of the region.

In this photo, he is on an online zoom with his students at Uzhgorod University

“I have been in the army for 70 days. I went to the military registration and enlistment office on February 24. But I did not give up classes with students. Every Monday and Tuesday I have a couple at 8 am. So far I did not miss a single class. I always prefer morning classes: I read, and then you have time for another job, “said Fedor Shandor in a comment to the Uzhhorod National University Media Center.

The schedule of combat shifts is specially adjusted on the days of classes: “When I have a couple of hours and after I was on duty at night, I spend a couple of hours in the morning. In addition, on other days I deal with living arrangements, dig trenches, etc. “

Lectures are not stopped even by shelling: “I always spend time near the dugout. There was just a shelling, and we read the errors in the modules. I went to the dugout and continued with the lecture. “

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