Annette Cardenas

Annette Cardenas, Panama

The 2024 SKAL International President Annette Cardenas brings a wealth of experience and a rich professional background to her role.

Her theme for 2024, “Building Bridges in the New Era of Skål,” reflects her commitment to strengthening connections and promoting solidarity among Skål members globally.

Driven individual with a focus on goals and meeting objectives. Motivated and passionate about success.

Specialties: Tourism, Marketing communications, public relations, sales, digital marketing and revenue management. Proven leadership and talent development.

The World Tourism Network awards Annette Cardenas to be the first Travel and Tourism Hero from Panama recognizing the release of the 2023 World Recipe Book by SKAL International, which is building bridges for SKAL International and World Tourism.

World Tourism Network chairman Juergen Steinmetz, who is also the publisher of eTurboNews and a SKAL International Member in Duesseldorf, Germany said:

“With 130 out of 312 SKAL clubs in 44 countries participating and offering the best their club has to offer in regards to a delicious food recipe is a testimony to how this organization successfully has been doing business among friends for 89 years.

89 years of empowering the SKAL network of contacts for the promotion of Travel and Tourism worldwide shows the power travel and tourism have in a business that is viewed as a business of peace through tourism.

“For the incoming World President Annette Cardenas of SKAL to put this book together shows her global vision her organization has and the travel and tourism industry strives on. It is a fantastic opening for the new year for SKAL International’s leadership in travel and tourism. How can anyone disagree on delicious food recipes as a multiplier for tourism?

“It brings SKAL together, it brings tourism together as a peace industry, and it will do its little part to unite a divided world”, Steinmetz said.

A proud Annette Cardenas confirmed this intention to unite SKAL and to unite tourism. She told Juergen: “I love tourism, I love food, and I love SKAL.”